MCKENZIE WARK : ZOOM SALON - Designs for Writing (Lecture)


Being a twenty-first century writer, the question one continually faces is that of writing's place in the contemporary media environment. Since what I most like to write are books, I have to confront the possibility that it's in some senses an obsolete media. Many of my books have projects attached to them in other media that arise out of collaboration with artists of other forms. What I'd like to show you are these projects: the networked book version of Gamer Theory, the comic for The Beach Beneath the Street, the #3Debord printed Guy Debord action figure for The Spectacle of Disintegration, the video collaboration with Dis for General Intellects, and the ambient techno album Lonesome Cowgirl I just released to go with Reverse Cowgirl.

All lectures begin at 1:30pm(PST).

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