There is a Barbie doll head with black tape on its mouth and three black tears drawn on the cheeks. In the background is a portion of a doll arm and a small clear column with wire around it.
There are various pushpins arranged on the photo. The rest of the photo is blurry. There seem to be pieces of dolls on the table where the pushpins are located.
There is a black board with clear rods that are wrapped in wire, a doll head, doll limbs, and a doll body without arms or a head wrapped in wire. There is also a Barbie doll head with black tears drawn and black tape over the mouth.
There is a doll hand painted white coming out of a black material. In the background there are blurry clear rods with wire wrapped around them.
There are two light skinned doll legs wrapped together by a gray wire like material.
There is a clear rod with wire wrapped around it and push pins stuck inside. In the background, there are more clear rods with wire and pushpins and also a doll body without arms wrapped with wire.