BA in Design Media Arts

The Design Media Arts (DMA) undergraduate program emphasizes innovative creation with digital and mass media within the context of a public research university. The curriculum features a solid foundation in form, color, space, motion, typography, and interactivity, followed by a broad selection of area studies courses in video, visual communication, network media, game design, and narrative. The program culminates with the Senior Projects classes where each student defines their own senior project based on individual interests within the areas of interactivity and games, video and animation, and visual communication and image. This uniquely challenging and diverse program invites students to balance aesthetic sensibility with logical reasoning, formal theories with practical application, and contemporary thought with historical perspective. Most courses are taught as studios of no more than 22 students, which encourages individual growth and fosters a sense of community within the department.

Rather than focusing on narrow professional development, our curriculum fosters experimentation across a range of different media. We privilege a social outlook, process, experimentation, and personal growth over conservatism and commercialism and we search for students who share the same goals. We strive to provide a broad education that encourages young people to make new connections, to analyze complex situations, and to think critically.

DMA Undergraduate Student Handbook


In addition to the DMA classes listed in the right column, students complete a series of general education courses and are encouraged to take other electives from the university to broaden their experience. A complete list of DMA classes with descriptions is available in the UCLA General Catalog and class websites are featured at the DMA Classes website.

It is recommended that students have each term's program approved by the departmental adviser.


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The department encourages students to seek internships and individual studies. Contract courses are limited to juniors and seniors. The enrollment procedures can be found here.

Laptop Recommendation

We strongly encourage our incoming and continuing students to have a laptop to maximize their education and experience. Students are welcome to select a PC or Mac computer that suits their mobility preference and budget. The complete recommendation can be found here.