• ERKKI HUHTAMO Speaks in Klagenfurt, Austria

    Erkki Huhtamo will speak at the "Truth, Fiction, Illusion: Worlds & Experience Conference" át the Alpen-Adria-Universität, Klagenfurt, Austria, May 29 - June 1, 2019. The conference belongs to the series of Theory, Culture & Society conferences organized since the 1990s. Huhtamo's topic is "Media, Mobility, and Posthumanism: the Case of Self-Driving Cars."

  • AN UNREAL UNITY reviewed in the Daily Bruin

    Curators usually chide visitors for touching an artistic installation. But in “An Unreal Unity,” interaction is key.

    The ongoing exhibition featuring work from graduating design media arts students will be displayed in the New Wight Gallery in Broad Art Center through Thursday. Jennifer Steinkamp, a design media arts professor, curated the exhibition and said the pieces showcase the culmination of the students’ learning and ideas since fall quarter.

    Read about some of the featured installations below.

  • REVIEW in DAILY BRUIN: PINAR YOLDAS installation “Global Warming Hot Yoga Studio,”

    Pinar Yoldas challenged her gallery attendees to an interactive yoga session in a dark, hot room.

    The necessary heat radiated from a glowing red sign reading “GLOBAL WARMING.”

    Alumna and artist Yoldas discussed her 2016 installation, “Global Warming Hot Yoga Studio,” in UCLA’s Counterforce Now lecture series Thursday entitled, “Causality is Broken: Can We Fix It With Art and Design?” Her installations use sensory experiences to highlight the relationship between everyday behavior and environmental harm, she said. Yoldas said art helps physically and emotionally reconstruct the cause-and-effect mechanism between an individual’s actions and climate change, as people often aren’t aware of their impact.

    “If we use our power (as artists) to manipulate human perception and work with human emotion, … we can find the ways in which people can feel the things as if they are happening to them,” Yoldas said.

  • MEGAN MAY DAALDER'S Mirrorbox installation at the Exploratorium

    Alumnus Megan May Daalder's Mirrorbox installation at the Exploratorium this Thursday night

    Get ready to see yourself in others. The Mirrorbox is an award-winning installation and research tool that provides an intimate space for two people to temporarily share an identity. Along with a partner, put your heads into a futuristic helmet, stand face to face, and observe your features blending in real time—then consider your own response.

    Thursday May 30, 6-10pm
    The Exploratorium
    Pier 15 (Embarcadero at Green St)
    San Francisco, CA 94111

  • FEMMEBIT SHOWCASING 80+ women artists in LA

    FEMMEBIT will be showcasing more than 80 women artists based in LA from May 31 to June 2 at Civic Center Studios. This 3-day festival is FREE for public (suggested donation $10 at the door OR Tickets) There will be workshops, live performances, panel discussions and special screenings as well! This festival is free.

    FEMMEBIT leverages dialogues on how women working with and between technologies enable progressive ideas to be born through active creation; how we, as proponents of these fields, must work together to shape, share, and grow a future receptively open to progress.

    Facebook: @femmebit
    Twitter: @FemmeBit
    Instagram: @femmebit
    Tags: #femmebit2019 #femmebitfestival #femmebit

  • GIL KUNO, REBECA MéNDEZ et al in Metanatural Landscapes: Berlin-Los Angeles Connect

    Metanatural Landscapes: Berlin-Los Angeles Connect
    (part of B-LA Connect)

    Opening: Friday, June 7, 2019 at 19:00
    Exhibition: June 8-22, 2019 (Wed–Sat from 15:00–19:00)
    Location:, Gerichtstraße 23, Hof 5, Wedding, 13347 Berlin, Germany

    Artists from Berlin: Aram Bartholl, Petja Ivanova, Ioana Vreme Moser
    Artists from Los Angeles: Gil Kuno, Rebeca Méndez, Eric Vrymoed
    More info: (Berlin) and JAUS (Los Angeles) are delighted to present Metanatural Landscapes: Berlin - Los Angeles Connect presenting works by artists Aram Bartholl, Petja Ivanova and Ioana Vreme Moser from Berlin, and Gil Kuno, Rebeca Méndez and Eric Vrymoed from Los Angeles.
    The Metanatural Landscapes exhibition is not about nature or the landscape per se. Instead, this exhibition showcases divergent works with overt references to nature in an attempt to examine the filtered perception of nature rather than nature itself. Examples include a series of moving images of Icelandic sea and landscapes shot on grainy 16 mm film transferred to an intentionally glitchy video (Méndez), photographs of large scale color photographs of beaches situated within the context of a real tourist beach destination (Bartholl), a sound installation of leaves by Iona Vreme Moser or a cartoon-like owl sculpture perched on a tree branch constructed with the help of a CDC printer (Vrymoed). This exhibition will hopefully serve as an opportunity for visitors to contemplate and reflect upon how human awareness of nature and the landscape has been affected by the media, entertainment, and the internet, especially for the city dweller.
    Rebeca Méndez, Nothing Further Happens, 2011, Single-channel HD video shot on 16mm, Sound by Ben Frost

    Berlin Artists

    Aram Bartholl: Born 1972 in Bremen, Germany, Aram Bartholl studied at UdK (University of the Arts Berlin) 2002. Aram Bartholl’s work creates an interplay between internet, culture and reality. How do our taken-for-granted communication channels influence us? Bartholl asks not just what humans are doing with media, but what media is doing with humans. Tensions between public and private, online and offline, techno-lust and everyday life are at the core of his work and his public interventions and installations, often entailing surprisingly physical manifestations of the digital world, challenge our concepts of reality and incorporeality. Bartholl has exhibited at MoMA Museum of Modern Art NY, Skulptur Projekte Münster and Venice Biennale as well as conducting countless workshops, talks and performances internationally. Bartholl lives and works in Berlin.
    Petja Ivanova: Born in Bulgaria and based between Sofia and Berlin, Petja Ivanova graduated from the University of Arts Berlin in the class for Computational Art/Generative Art in 2015. In her trans-disciplinary practice she combines archeology, biology, physics, computation and the poetic in order to promote the ‘poetic method’ as a counterweight to the socially dominating ‘scientific method’. This practice being understood in non-linear relation with Fluxus & the Avantgarde. She runs studio for poetic futures and speculative ecologies out of a caravan currently parked in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
    Ioana Vreme Moser: Iona Vreme Moser is a transmedia narrator, visual artist and sound artist engaged with research activities, electronic poetics, and ludic notations. Her work currently involves electro-mechanical instruments, sound sculptures, kinetic installations, audio-visual performances, graphic notations, softly spoken recordings, data compendiums and video pieces.

    Los Angeles Artists

    Gil Kuno: Through careful social conditioning, the mind is guided to think within certain patterns. Gil Kuno tries to redirect the flow of the mind outside of the set patterns we are taught by society to construct. In his work, he attempts to displace natural activity from its context, revealing an otherwise hidden level of metaphorical absurdity within the ordinary patterns present before our eyes. The goal of sublimating everyday perception underlies many of the projects he has exhibited or performed. He aims to push people away from paradigmatic thinking through various themes and methodologies – aleatoric systems (chance operations,) exaggerated perception, derailed reality and re-envisioning experiences common within everyday life.
    Kuno has collaborated with artists such as Eye Yamantaka (Boredoms,) Yoshimi (Boredoms, OOIOO,) Battles, Vincent Gallo, Ken Ishii, Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins,) Carl Stone, Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot,) Steve Albini (Big Black, Shellac,) Cristian Vogel, Zbigniew Karkowski, Merzbow, GX Jupitter Larsen (The Haters,) Nissennenmondai, Christian Galarreta, Joseph Hammer, Patric Catani (EC8TOR) Gil received his MFA at UCLA. He has achieved recognition from Ars Electronica, Japan Media Arts Festival, Canon Digital Creators Contest, Timothy Leary (, among others.
    Rebeca Méndez: Rebeca Méndez was born in México City in 1962. She received her BFA (1984) and MFA (1996) from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California.
    Méndez’s art practice is in various media—photography, 16mm film, video, and installation—with which she explores the nature of perception and media representation, specifically how cultures express themselves through the style of nature that they produce at a given time and the medium through which they construct this nature. She moves through different scales with ease—from photographic prints, to immersive sound and video installations, to murals of more than 25,000 square feet, to installations involving sixty-foot boulders and tons of lava rock. She considers the journey as a medium in itself and has produced a significant body of work based on travels to unfamiliar and extreme places such as Iceland, Patagonia, Svalbard archipelago in the high arctic, and the Sahara, where she is awakened to a heightened level of perception. Méndez’s work has been exhibited extensively throughout the United States and Latin America. Selected solo exhibitions include: Rebeca Méndez: At Any Given Moment at the Nevada Art Museum, Reno, Nevada (2012); Each Day at Noon: Rebeca Méndez, Café Hammer, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2012); Rebeca Méndez, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oaxaca, Mexico (2011); Rebeca Méndez: Selections from the Permanent Collection of Architecture and Design at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (1998). \ Méndez was the 2012 recipient of the National Design Award bestowed by The White House and the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Méndez was awarded the 2010 California Community Foundation Mid Career Fellowship for Visual Artist. She taught at Art Center College of Design and is currently a professor at the University of California in Los Angeles. She lives and works in Los Angeles.
    Eric Vrymoed: Eric Vrymoed is a Los Angeles based artist working in sculpture. After graduating from UCLA in 2011 in Fine Art, Vrymoed has exhibited at Jaus Gallery, TJ in China, Mexicali Rose, New Wight Gallery, Institute of Art and Olfaction and has worked in collaboration with the Public Engagement Program at the Hammer Museum. Vrymoed currently works as the Sculpture Lab Supervisor in the UCLA Art Department.

    ● curated by Ichiro Irie and Sakrowski;;

  • GRAVITY created by GARETH WALSH et al to show at IEEE GEM 2019

    Gravity created by Gareth Walsh in collaboration with Sue Zhou-Walsh, Eric Parren, Eric Fanghanel, Jack Turpin, Will Wharton and Nate Mohler selected for IEEE Games Entertainment & Media Conference at Yale University.

    GEM 2019 includes a new platform for the exhibition of performances, artworks, and experiences that utilize emerging fields of Motion Capture, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality with a particular emphasis on pedagogy in these areas.

    June 19-22, 2019

    Yale University
    New Haven, CT

  • JOHN QIANG WANG and AMY FANG made the TOP TALENT in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards!

    We’re so pleased to inform you that your student/mentee John Qiang Wang has earned a spot in our first-ever global class of Top Talent in the 2019 Adobe Design Achievement Awards. In the early round of another record-breaking year for this program, they are among the first to be honored by Adobe in this new and exciting way! This is a tremendous accomplishment, and a fantastic way to launch a creative career – be very proud of them.

  • PASTORAL work in progress by ISLA HANSEN for Vic Marks

    Come check out a work-in-progress-showing of a "set" / projection / object-performance I've been developing for a contemporary dance piece by choreographer Vic Marks!

    PASTORAL is a tribute to the iconic “Appalachian Spring” * as it re-envisions our relationship to nature, 75 years later. (*Martha Graham's 1944 ballet set to the iconic Aaron Copland suite, ft. set / design by Isamu Noguchi)

    Dates are JUNE 9 @ 3pm and JUNE 10 @ 7pm at UCLA's Glorya Kaufman Hall, 208

    Please RSVP to Letty at

  • PETER LUNENFELD'S “Gidget on the Couch” online

    Peter Lunenfeld’s essay, “Gidget on the Couch,” is one of the inspirations for Julie Hammond’s new play, Other Inland Empires, which is premiering on the main stage at Vancouver’s rEvolver Festival this month.;

  • AMY FANG; CELYNNE HEBRON;SHREYA NEOGI; EMILY WONG; CARISSE ZEPEDA participate in Undergraduate Research Week

    We are pleased to have these five Design/Media Arts students presenting their research during next week’s Undergraduate Research Week events:
    Fang, Amy; Hebron, Celynne; Neogi, Shreya; Wong, Emily Hok-Ping; Zepeda, Carisse Jasmin
    Note that some students may be presenting more than once. The students’ presentation times and project titles can be found at the link:

    With over 1,000 undergraduates participating in Research Poster Day on May 21st and over 100 giving oral presentations throughout the week, I hope you will be able to join us in celebrating the impressive range of undergraduate inquiry and initiative taking place at UCLA.

    Please forward this information to your faculty and encourage them to attend or incorporate it into their class announcements. Undergraduate Research Week events are open to the entire campus community and general public. A complete event schedule can be found at see link.

    Thank you for supporting undergraduate research at UCLA!

  • REBECA MENDEZ - Creativity without Borders: Design Practices between Mexico and California

    Professor Rebeca Méndez at
    Creativity without Borders: Design Practices between Mexico and California
    Organized by AIGA Los Angeles.

    Wed, May 15, 2019 6:45 PM – 9:00 PM
    Herman Miller
    3641 Holdrege Avenue, #100
    Los Angeles, CA 90016

    Online media enables us every day to draw inspiration surpassing physical borders and embracing cultural differences. But does this global cross-pollination of visual language diminish the affects of geography on design thinking? What has more creative influence: where you’re based, or where you’re from? How can designers honor their own identity and point of view, while respecting and embracing the sensibilities of regional audiences? Join us on May 15 as major design voices draw on their personal experiences crossing the CA-MX border—for inspiration and for new opportunities.

    For more information visit weblink:


    Wynn – Garden of Earthly Delights Curated by Mr. Chip Tom Wynn invites you to take an artistic journey through "Wynn – Garden of Earthly Delights," a brand-new art exhibition running from June to October 2019 at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace. This exhibition is held in support of "Art Macao," a mega international arts and cultural event under the patronage of the Secretariat for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao SAR Government, organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Macao Government Tourism Office and co-organized by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau and the Higher Education Bureau. "Wynn – Garden of Earthly Delights" draws inspiration from the stunning titular Renaissance-era masterpiece by Hieronymus Bosch. The exhibition features an extraordinary selection of modern and contemporary art by the world's most celebrated artists: Refik Anadol, Jennifer Steinkamp, Edoardo Tresoldi and more. Presented for the first time in Macau, their artwork displays their innovation, creativity, and rich cultural diversity, expressed in various media, including installations and digital art pieces. Exhibition Dates: June 6 to October 6, 2019 Opening Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.* Enquiry: This exhibition is complimentary and open to the public. *On its opening day, June 6, the exhibition will begin at 7:00 p.m.


    Leaders in Visual Design
    Tuesday, May 21 (6-8 pm)
    Career Center, 501 Westwood Plaza, Strathmore Building,
    North Entrance (Second Floor, Room 200)

    Join us in conversation with leaders from the visual design industry, and hear about our panelists' insights in advertising, design research, visual identity, experience design, and design education.

    Mindy Seu (Yale School of Art Lecturer, Harvard GSD Candidate, DMA Undergraduate Alum)
    Liza Gutierrez Nason (Design Manager at Warner Brothers)
    Kiran Hansen (Experience Design Director at R/GA)
    Silas Munro (Graphic Design Assistant Professor at Otis, Founder of Poly Mode)
    Troy Kreiner (Art Director at Use All Five Studio)

    Space is limited, so please RSVP! Food is complimentary, and attendees receive a free AIGA tote bag!

  • LISA CHAN - More Saving - More Doing - pt2

    More Saving. More Doing. –pt.2
    Studio 106, Santa Monica Airport
    3021 Airport Ave #106, Santa Monica, CA 90405
    May 11, 2019 | 8 pm

    In More Saving. More Doing., Lisa looks specifically at work spaces, and the idea of a “workshop”. In the first iteration of More Saving. More Doing., Lisa produced at least one dress a day, everyday the gallery was open. The dresses were then immediately hung behind her faux-”workshop”, slowly building a wall of dresses—a powerful image of feminine production.

    With its second iteration, Lisa looks to create a more in depth and immersive experience—looking not only at production but the product. While challenging the very idea of what a workshop is, Lisa poses the question, how much does the final product of our labor shape our work space? The worker?


    BODY/SITE/SEEN, a multimedia dance performance in collaboration with graduate students from DMA, WAC/D, and the School of Music

    BODY/SITE/SEEN is a collaborative workshop-performance that uses dance, music, and multimedia to explore ideas related to embodiment, point of view, and the act of seeing. In the performance, the live-streams of cameras attached to dancers' bodies are projected onto the walls of the performance space. The cameras capture intimate landscapes of the body itself, as well as the body in relation to other dancers and the space the body occupies. BODY/SITE/SEEN is a meditation on the bounded nature of embodiment and the fractional incompleteness of point of view.

    BODY/SITE/SEEN is a workshop-project undertaken by UCLA Graduate Students from Design|Media Arts, WAC/D, & the School of Music. Collaborators include DMA graduate and undergraduate students Erin Cooney, Zeynep Abes, Berfin Ataman, and Nate Mohler; WAC/D graduate students Joey Navarrete-Medina, Sanchita Sharma, and Marianna Varviani; and School of Music graduate student Anthony Constantino.

    The Broad Art Center
    EDA, room 1250


    SUNDAY MAY 19th, 6pm @ The Jan Popper Theater at UCLA

    ENCOUNTERING THE UNSEEN : artist actualized lectures on topics in science, technology, and engineering


    Produced by Isla Hansen (Assistant Professor Design Media Arts UCLA) and Tucker Marder (Lecturer Design Media Arts UCLA) with support from the UCLA Arts Initiative, UCLA Design Media Arts, UCLA Art|Sci Center + Lab, and the Center for Musical Humanities, Encountering the Unseen is an academic symposium as work of experimental live theater. The project pairs artists, choreographers, performers, and musicians from both UCLA and the greater Los Angeles area with professors working in STEM fields. The event is an evening of five brief, stimulating lectures on topics ranging from plant evolution to atomically precise manufacturing, including distinguished speakers from the fields of ecology and evolution, biochemistry, physics and astronomy, and biomolecular engineering. Abandoning their powerpoint slides, speakers will instead be accompanied by thought-provoking visual phenomena, live music, physical manifestations, props, and kinetic sculpture -- all activated and brought to life by artists, dancers, and musicians.


    Assistant Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

    SUSAN SIMPSON accompanied by Heather Lockie
    LA-based artist, puppeteer, Founder of Automata

    Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry

    LA-based artist

    Professor of Physics and Astronomy

    RACHEL MASON accompanied by Haylee Nichele & Chenhui Mao
    LA-based video and performance artist

    Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

    LA-based Hip Hop Dance Company

    Professor of Biomolecular engineering

    LA-based artists



    Theo Triantafyllidis, Anti-Gone
    May 11th & 12th, 7pm

    Human Resources presents Theo Triantafyllidis’ debut feature-length performance, Anti-Gone, a sprawling experiment in 3D world-building, real-time simulation, interactivity and theatricality. Adapted from the eponymous graphic novel by Connor Willumsen, Triantafyllidis takes the idiosyncratic narrative and visual style of Anti-Gone as a platform to explore the possibilities and limitations of theatrical performance. As Triantafyllidis re-creates the world of Willumsen’s Anti-Gone as a series of 3D scenes, performers Matthew Doyle, Lindsey Normington and Zana Gankhyug embark on improvisational excursions in this mediated world. The performers explore dramatic tropes from absurdist theater to psychological realism and somatic awareness, while the game engine performs alongside them. The actors presence is augmented and complicated by virtual reality headsets, motion capture suits and audio DSP. Using these tools, Triantafyllidis directs and shapes the world that is being presented to both the performers and the audience in real time. Anti-Gone asserts theatricality as a new way of thinking fictionally, as real space is re-incorporated into a subjective game logic. This is a theater re-invigorated with new techniques for pleasure and play as the world outside simulates its own destruction…

    In a post-climate change world, environmental catastrophe has become normalized. Cities are sunken, yet the vestiges of late-capitalist culture – consumerism, inequality, social unrest – live on, clinging like barnacles to the ruins of civilization. Spyda and Lynxa are a couple navigating this world frictionlessly. On their sailboat, they glide from shopping to movies to psychedelic drugs. In a damaged world where you can have anything you want, what’s the cost?

    Duration: 3 acts, 60mins, no intermission
    Human Resources LA
    410 Cottage Home St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

    Based on the original comic book by Connor Willumsen

    Produced by Matthew Doyle
    Starring Lindsey Normington, Zana Gankhuyag, Matthew Doyle
    Lighting Design by Connor Childs
    Sound by Jeffrey Alan Scudder
    Production Assistant Polina Miliou
    Special Thanks to Mari Spirito, Celia Hollander, Luke Fischbeck

  • IVANA DAMA'S audiovisual project reviewed in Daily Bruin

    Ivana Dama is innovating what can constitute a musical instrument, using a microscope and human brain tissue in her latest performance. The third-year design media arts student gave a presentation of her audiovisual project in an improvisational performance at Studio 106 L.A. on April 21. The ongoing project consists of a microscope and slides that Dama uses as a musical instrument. By manipulating parameters of the microscope’s camera, such as focus and movement, Dama triggers specific sound effects – like altered frequencies of different piano samples – to create music. The microscopic image Dama uses to stimulate sounds is projected behind her, and is visually filtered based on the frequency of the audio it creates. Despite her lack of a background in music, Dama said she was inspired to use sound as an artistic medium. “I was interested in exploring the different ways that we can play the instruments,” Dama said. “Not just by knowing really well certain instruments but kind of applying new rules into the musical instruments and the music world.” See link for more information.

  • Lander Presents FabulAI Pyramid at Monterey Peninsula College

    April 29 – May 28,  M – Th 1 – 4pm or by appointment

    Lander Presents FabulAI Pyramid at Monterey Peninsula College

    FabulAI Pyramid provides a glimpse into an alternate reality where an unpersecuted Wilhelm Reich drove humanity to new heights by revealing the fundamental material reality of imagination itself with his discovery of the Cion particle. A Cionics empowered Altern tech culture now teeters on the brink of creating an almighty artificial imagination.
    You are invited to participate with your own hopes and concerns for AI. Explore the concept of Artificial Imagination in Virtual Reality. Question the ethics of algorithmic creativity. Quest to build your own FabulAI Pyramid and unlock the boundless potential of technology fueled Imagination.

    Monterey Peninsula College Art Gallery, 980 Fremont St. Monterey, CA 93940

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